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      Fairtrade Organic - 2020 and 1735

      Fairtrade Organic - 2020 and 1735
      Charismatic and Fragrant, this collection is characterized as being medium roast with floral and citrus tones

      Profile At Di Stefano we present to you our 1735 Fair Trade Coffee Beans 250g. It encapsulates complex fruit notes, like kiwi and nashi pair along with the freshness of a lime to deliver a sweet but elegant finish on...


        Profile Our 1735 Fair Trade Coffee Beans 1kg is a medium roast coffee blend from the growing regions of Peru, Honduras and Nicaragua. It has been curated to produce complex tasting notes of toffee, pomegranate and lime. To discover these...

      From $10.50

        Profile Our 1735 Medium Roast Coffee Pods are vivacious, clean and sophisticated in flavour. Expect a balanced coffee with floral and citrus undertones that will make your at home coffee experience as good as being inside a cafe. Curated...