Premium Vanilla Frappe Powder
Vanilla Frappe | Arkadia

Vanilla Frappe | Arkadia

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Arkadia Vanilla Frappe Powder 1kg

Indulge in Arkadia's Vanilla Frappe Powder, your answer to a classically tasting cafe-quality beverage. Masterfully blended with intense creamy vanilla, expect nothing less than pure indulgence, richness, and decadence from this vanilla frappe powder. Arkadia has been producing best-in-class cafe beverages for many years, and this vanilla frappe powder is no exception. Perfect for milkshakes, thick-shakes, frappes, or however else you please.

Vanilla Frappe Powder Details

  • Flavor: Vanilla
  • Size: 1kg
  • Shelf Life: 18 Months

Key Features of Arkadia Vanilla Frappe Powder:

  • Intense, creamy vanilla flavor for a classically tasting beverage.
  • Ideal for milkshakes, thick-shakes, and vanilla frappes.
  • Crafted by Arkadia, renowned for premium cafe beverages.
  • Enjoy richness and decadence in every sip of this vanilla frappe powder.

Buy Arkadia Vanilla Frappe Powder 1kg from Di Stefano today!

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