ReForest Now with Di Stefano

Di Stefano Coffee have proudly donated to ReForest Now to support the restoration of critically endangered rainforest in Australia. 

ReForest Now


The ReForest Now organisation is a not-for profit enterprise with the mission to reforest Australia by planting trees and restoring degraded rainforests. They have extensive programs in both nursery care, tree planting efforts as well their regeneration project which includes creating conditions for unique plant growths that are crucial parts of fighting climate change and extinction crises. 

ReForest Now grow and plant complex, diverse subtropical rainforest with a stratified canopy (multiple vegetation layers) with our contribution being planted in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

The rainforests of the Big Scrub are a rare find, containing over 60 native species that range from creekside shrubs to 50m giants. This area has been listed as critically endangered due mostly clear cutting by humans which reduced its size 75,000 hectare of thick, unbroken and impenetrable rainforest, but it now exists in very few, fragmented and scattered remnants.

Helping fight Climate Change & Biodiversity Loss – together we can all make a difference.

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