Single Origin Coffee Beans 250g

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      At Di Stefano, we believe that single origin coffee is the best way to experience the true flavour of coffee. Each coffee bean is grown in a specific region, and the flavour of the coffee is influenced by the climate, soil, and processing methods used in that region.

      Our Single Origin Coffee beans range will take you on a journey to the different coffee regions from around the world. We currently have single origin coffee beans from Rwanda, Ethopia and Nicaragu. Each of these single origin coffee beans are heavily varied in taste and notes, so we are confident you can find the perfect coffee for your taste.

      But, don't forget about how you brew your coffee. Read our Specialty Coffee Hub and our guides on a variety of brewing methods you can use to get the most out of your single origin coffee beans. Whether you prefer to brew your coffee with a v60 pour-over, French press, or espresso machine, there is a method for you.

      Order your single origin coffee beans today and start exploring the world of coffee!


      Di Stefano Coffee is absolutely fantastic and provides the highest quality coffee and service to our business. The Di Stefano Coffee brand is the best amongst all the roasters that we have used in the past and we think they are number one.


      We have changed our coffee to the Di Stefano Coffee brand since Christmas 2022 and immediately our coffee sales increased by more than 30% and gradually we are winning back some old customers who stopped coming. Making this switch to Di Stefano Coffee was a no brainer because not only is the coffee top quality, the most important thing cafes like us look for is support.


      Since using Di Stefano Coffee my business has been well supported by the team. Since we started working together, Ristretto Coffee Shop has
      received excellent service including but not limited to great coffee bean
      blends, equipment, advice and guidance. We are very happy with the wonderful quality services we have consistently received.


      I have been in the hospitality industry for 22 years and for the past 20 years I have used Di Stefano Coffee. I find the company extremely reliable and they are always happy to deliver with service requests. I find their products and equipment to be at the highest of standards.


      We believe the quality and consistency of Di Stefano Coffee combined with the A-Grade service from team have given us the tools to create long-term success. Our equipment is always well maintained and the 24/7 breakdown service provides total piece of mind. Quite simply, if we were to sum up Di Stefano in 2 words, they would be ‘Consistent’ and ‘Personal’.


      We have been using Di Stefano coffee for over 13 years now across our many stores and the service we
      have received has been exemplary. Professional service from our accounts executive, including regular visits, servicing and the personal touch. Our customers absolutely love their daily coffee, we could not be happier.


      The way Di Stefano Coffee operate and distribute their brand aligns with my own ways of managing business and it makes things easy when you have so many other things to worry about in current times. My account manager is always available for whatever is needed, whether it be an urgent breakdown, simple grind adjustment or just a phone call to say hello.