Single Origin Nicaraguan Specialty coffee
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Single Origin | Nicaraguan Santa Rita Estate Coffee 250gr
Single Origin | Nicaraguan Santa Rita Estate Coffee 250gr

Single Origin | Nicaraguan Santa Rita Estate Coffee 250gr

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This Nicaraguan Single Origin coffee from the Santa Rita Estate is hand picked and grown at altitudes between 1,100 - 1,250 meters above sea level (masl). It is crisp and complex with hints of sweetness, well known from its growing region for having a bright acidity. Medium roasted to deliver a well rounded cup with tasting notes of brown sugar, almonds, red plum and milk chocolate. 

Variety Particulars
Caturra is a variety of Arabica coffee. First discovered in Brazil in the early 1900s, it is widely grown across Central and South America. It is generally recognised for being crisp, complex, and sweet with bright acidity.

Estate Qualities
Santa Rita Estate is a farm in Cuchillas, in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua run by Desiree and Dania, fourth Generation Coffee farmers and (self-described) women of entrepreneurial spirit. Over 25% of their 165-hectare property, rejuvenated after being abandoned and deforested during the Civil War of the 1980’s, is kept as a nature reserve. The rest is dedicated to the most advanced ecology and horticulture available leading to an incredibly consistent coffee of the highest quality and yield while still taking care of their environmental and social responsibility.

Processing Information
This coffee is a Washed process. Ripe coffee cherry is picked by hand and taken to their dedicated wet mill to be pulped and washed. Wastewater is treated in Oxidation lagoons while the coffee is sun dried to 10-12% moisture (taking approximately one week). Coffee is then sent to rest in parchment, and is hulled and bagged for export no more than seven days prior to shipment.

Extraction and Brewing
Ideally suited to a basket size of 23g, this Nicaragua coffee will taste best when extracted between 27 and 32 seconds. The highlights of stone fruit sweetness and nuttiness will delight you. 

A popular choice among coffee lovers, Single Origin coffee allows a deeper understanding of your coffee’s flavour profile and delivers a unique coffee-drinking experience. At Di Stefano we look forward to presenting you with Single Origin coffees that showcase the particular regions from where they were grown around the world.

Proud Supporters of Critically Endangered Rainforest Restoration in Australia.

Di Stefano Coffee have proudly donated to ReForest Now to support the restoration of critically endangered rainforest in Australia. We have restored a hectare (4356 trees) in one year, with approximately 750 tonnes of CO2e stored per hectare from the atmosphere.

ReForest Now grow and plant complex, diverse subtropical rainforest with a stratified canopy (multiple vegetation layers) with our contribution being planted in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. ReForest Now is a not-for profit enterprise with extensive programs in nursery care, tree planting, and regeneration in Australia that are crucial parts of fighting climate change and extinction crises.

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