Espresso Philosophy

We strive for excellence in the art of coffee.

The bold, passionate and assertive characteristics of our philosophy resonate in every single drop of espresso extracted every second of every day.

Di Stefano are pioneers in the niche coffee drinking market. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our dedicated coffee consumers via consistency, quality and an appreciation of our legacy that has lit the path to coffee roasting enlightenment.

We encourage you to explore the very essence of Di Stefano. 

Just as important as the techniques that we employ for delivering that perfect espresso is our everlasting appreciation of those behind the brand. Our employee's, cafe owners, cafe customers and most importantly the community who give us the license to operate in the wonderful and competitive Australian environment. We know and acknowledge that without our loyal stakeholders, striving for excellence would be but a pointless exercise. 

Our philosophy is an affirmation that, from the time beans are harvested from coffee plantations to the time that our consumers are taking that first exquisite sip of their latte we will be there with you for the journey of self-sustenance. 

We implore you to explore the Di Stefano brand and share with us, your thoughts on the journey thus far.

Featured below is our much loved Founder and original Master Roaster Giuseppe Di Stefano in all his glory.