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      We are and always have been 100% Australian owned. 

      We roast and manufacture all of our coffee products in Australia. This makes us proudly Australian made allowing us to deliver an unrivalled level of freshness and quality to the consumer and with a team of 100 years combined experience, you can ensure you are in good hands.

      Our roastery is a technologically advanced and sophisticated production facility, one of the largest in Australia. Teamed with our sound business ability, experience and stringent QA processes guarantees not only a high quality and premium product but a consistent one as well. 

      We currently employ a team of technical experts including roasting profilers, engineers and a QA bio-scientist. 

      Proudly delivering results:

      - Production capability of over 10 million kg per annum
      - Internationally recognised food safety systems 
      - HACCP and SQF accredited 
      - Partnered with world leading renowned brands including Brambati S.P.A, Opem and Schubert 

        Our fully automated roaster by Brambati allows us to de-gas, blend and grind coffee within a 1.5% tolerance allowing production schedules in real time, with no lag.