Specialty Rwanda Gisanga Single Origin coffee
Single Origin Rwanda Gisanga coffee
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Single Origin | Rwanda Gisanga Coffee 250gr

Single Origin | Rwanda Gisanga Coffee 250gr

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Rwandan Single Origin Coffee: Gisanga Region - Light Roast, Blueberry & Chocolate Notes

100% Red Bourbon Specialty Coffee: This Rwandan single-origin coffee, sourced from the Gisanga region's high-altitude farms (1,650-1,850 masl), boasts exceptional quality with a cupping score of 87+.

Light Roast with Complex Flavor: Enjoy a light roast Rwandan coffee bursting with bright blueberry notes and a rich, deep chocolate finish.

Natural Process & Theresa's Spring Water: This coffee undergoes a meticulous natural processing method, washed with water from the famous Theresa's natural spring for a clean and nuanced flavor.

Perfect for Filter & Espresso: This versatile coffee is ideal for brewing in a filter or espresso machine, allowing you to experience its unique profile to the fullest.

French Press Recipe:

Start with fresh roasted beans and grind them coarse. Measure 30 grams of coffee for every 500ml of hot water (around 95-100°C). Add a small amount of water to bloom the grounds, then pour in the remaining water and stir gently. Let it brew for 4 minutes, then stir again and skim the surface. Allow for another 4-5 minutes before slowly plunging and serving.

Experience the unique taste of Rwanda's Gisanga region with this delicious single-origin coffee. Buy yours today at Di Stefano!

Customer Reviews

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Extremely tasty, still goes nice in a latte and cap. But the piccolo latte and espresso is just 1000/100.

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