Specialty Rwanda Gisanga Single Origin coffee
Single Origin Rwanda Gisanga coffee
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Single Origin | Rwanda Gisanga Coffee 250gr

Single Origin | Rwanda Gisanga Coffee 250gr

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This Single Origin coffee from the region of Gisanga in Rwanda, is from one of the best coffee-growing regions of Rwanda's central plateau. This Rwanda coffee is grown at altitudes between 1,650 - 1,850 meters above sea level (masl) and is known for growing high up in the mountains with clay, sandy soils and cool humidity.

This luscious coffee is a light roast, well rounded with sour notes of blueberry and deep rich chocolate. Light on the palate, our Rwanda coffee is best suited to filter and espresso style coffee. 

Variety Particulars
This Rwanda coffee is 100% red bourbon specialty coffee and cups at 87+. 

Estate Qualities
Farmers from the Gisanga region in Rwanda bring their harvested coffee cherries directly to the Gisanga coffee washing station (CWS) with approximately 650 tonnes of cherries per season.

The coffee washing station supports 850 farmers in the Koapambu Cooperative and is a Rwandan specialty Arabica processing farm. 

Processing Information
This coffee is a Natural processed coffee. This Rwanda coffee is fully washed, using natural spring water known as “Theresa’s natural spring”. This is an old name from the 1980’s, when the Theresa family lived in the village and used this water for washing coffee using a home processing method.

When the coffee cherries are ripe and red on the trees, farmers hand pick and deliver them to the washing station daily. The coffee cherry processing for this Single Origin lot starts with placing the cherries in sealed fermentation tanks for either 72 or 96 hours. Once fermentation is complete, the batches are mixed and transferred to raised beds., where they dry naturally under the full sun. The cherries are turned every 30-40 minutes throughout the drying process to ensure optimal clarity - which takes 20-30 days until the beans reach 11% humidity.

Extraction and Brewing
Ideally suited to a basket size of 21g, this Rwanda Single Origin Coffee will taste best when extracted between 25 and 30 seconds. The notes of chocolate, port and blueberries will shine through. 

Recipe for French Press

  • 30 grams coffee per 500ml boiled water 
  • Water temp approx. 95-100 Degrees Celsius
  • 9 mins total brew time including blooming period

Step 1 - Grind
Start with fresh roasted coffee beans and grind beans to suit a coarse grind. 

Step 2 - Measure
Measure out 30grams of ground coffee and place it into the carafe. If you don't have a weighing scale, this is roughly 2 heaped tablespoons.

Step 3 - Prepare water
Boil hot water and pour a small amount into the carafe to agitate the coffee grinds
and then pour in remaining 500ml. 

Step 4 - Stir and saturate 
Gently stir the coffee to make sure all of your grounds are saturated by the water. Place the lid on-top, but don't plunge just yet.

Step 5 - Let coffee brew
Set your timer for 4 minutes - the longer your brew, the more flavours you'll extract from the coffee and the stronger your brew will be. 

Step 6 - Stir and scoop
Stir in the crust that has formed on top of the coffee and scoop out any coffee that remains on top. Allow coffee to rest for a further 4-5 minutes. 

Step 7 - Plunge coffee and serve 
Slowly push the plunger down so it sits just below the surface of the liquid, pour and enjoy your delicious brew! 

A popular choice among coffee lovers, Single Origin coffee allows a deeper understanding of your coffee’s flavour profile and delivers a unique coffee-drinking experience. At Di Stefano we look forward to presenting you with Single Origin coffees that showcase the particular regions from where they were grown around the world.

Proud Supporters of Critically Endangered Rainforest Restoration in Australia.

Di Stefano Coffee have proudly donated to ReForest Now to support the restoration of critically endangered rainforest in Australia. We have restored a hectare (4356 trees) in one year, with approximately 750 tonnes of CO2e stored per hectare from the atmosphere.

ReForest Now grow and plant complex, diverse subtropical rainforest with a stratified canopy (multiple vegetation layers) with our contribution being planted in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. ReForest Now is a not-for profit enterprise with extensive programs in nursery care, tree planting, and regeneration in Australia that are crucial parts of fighting climate change and extinction crises.

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