Single Origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Edido coffee
Image of Single Origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Edido coffee
Image of Single Origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Edido coffee back of bag
 Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Edido coffee beans
Single Origin | Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Edido 250gr
 Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Edido coffee on pourover
Single Origin | Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Edido 250gr

Single Origin | Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Edido 250gr

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This Single Origin coffee is grown wild in the Southern Nations Nationalities & People's Regional State in Ethiopia (SNNPR). Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Edido coffee is grown at
 altitudes between 1,950 - 2,100 meters above sea level (masl). Southern Ethiopian coffees like this one are largely produced from distinctive indigenous Ethiopian varieties of Arabica beans long grown in the region, offering a light bodied coffee that is perfectly balanced with acidity and sweetness, finishing with a floral and winey cup. 

Variety Particulars
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Edido is an Heirloom varietal coffee. “Heirloom” is often used to refer to varieties that are native to the country, many of which are culturally traditional for more than 10 generations. Sun dried on raised beds (naturally processed) means these beans were dried inside the fruit rather than after the fruit has been removed, as is the case with wet-processed or washed coffees. 

Estate Qualities
About 98% of the coffee in Ethiopia is produced on small farms and it is the country's most important export with Ethiopia being Africa's third largest coffee producer. Ethiopian farmers cultivate coffee in four different systems which include - forest coffee, semi-forest coffee, garden coffee and plantation coffee. This Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Edido is produced from various smallholders in the region. 

Processing Information
Approximately 800 coffee producers from the Edido region deliver ripe cherries to Wonberta’s Edido washing station where the cherries are sorted and dried on raised beds. Generally the smallholder owns approximately 1⁄2 hectare of land. Cherries are regularly turned every 2 to 3 hours in the first few days to promote even drying of the cherries for five to six weeks. The dried cherries are then hulled and stored in the high altitude and cool temperature washing station to let the coffees rest and preserve the longevity of the coffees.

Extraction and Brewing
Ideally suited to a basket size of 21grams for Espresso, this Single Origin coffee will taste best when extracted between 25 and 30 seconds. The highlights of Jasmine, Strawberry and Mandarin are sure to satisfy! 

Recipe for Filter Pourover

  • 20 grams coffee 
  • 260-270ml water at 92-95 Degrees Celsius
  • 2.5 mins total brew time including blooming period

1. Prepare
Start with fresh filtered water, boil to 92-95 degrees C. Fit filter paper to V60 cone and pour in hot water over paper to rinse. This also assists with heating up the ceramic cone. Empty out the pourover after 15 seconds. 

2. Grind
Grind for paper filter consistency which is finer than french press and coarser than espresso grind. Place ground coffee into 20gram filter paper. 

3. Bloom
Place pourover set on scales. Start by pouring just enough hot water to cover all the coffee grounds (approx 40mls). Leave the fresh coffee to bloom for about 1 minute. This period helps the coffee degas and re-arrange itself evenly into an even bed for an even extraction.  

4. Brew
Pour the rest of the hot water slowly over the coffee grounds in a circular motion (approx 260-270mls) and enjoy! 

A popular choice among coffee lovers, Single Origin coffee allows a deeper understanding of your coffee’s flavour profile and delivers a unique coffee-drinking experience. At Di Stefano we look forward to presenting you with Single Origin coffees that showcase the particular regions from where they were grown around the world.

Proud Supporters of Critically Endangered Rainforest Restoration in Australia.

Di Stefano Coffee have proudly donated to ReForest Now to support the restoration of critically endangered rainforest in Australia. We have restored a hectare (4356 trees) in one year, with approximately 750 tonnes of CO2e stored per hectare from the atmosphere.

ReForest Now grow and plant complex, diverse subtropical rainforest with a stratified canopy (multiple vegetation layers) with our contribution being planted in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. ReForest Now is a not-for profit enterprise with extensive programs in nursery care, tree planting, and regeneration in Australia that are crucial parts of fighting climate change and extinction crises.

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