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Compostable Pods, yes they are a thing now...

Nicolas Di Stefano

Posted on December 18 2020

Compostable Pods, yes they are a thing now...

For years and years, disposing of our everyday waste direct to landfill held coherent logic amongst a majority of the global population. It now seems we are increasingly aware with recent studies showing up to 10% of Australian consumers are aware of the effect of plastic and waste and prefer to have sustainable alternatives. 

Di Stefano Coffee have attained an industrially compostable pod that is certified bio-based and of compostable make up. They work in tandem with the TerraCycle program so there is no added cost for you the buyer. See our blog article 'TerraCycle, the beginning or the end?'  for in depth information on the recycling and composting program itself. 

As at 2018, it was estimated that 60 billion coffee capsules were consumed globally with 56 billion of those reaching landfill. If we estimate that every single capsule is 2cm in height and we stack those from the earth all the way to the moon we would be able to make three whole stacks of empty capsules per annum. The statistics are mind boggling when we take the time to rationalise just how much damage is being done. 

Our pods are comprised of up to 70% bio-plant matter so they are able to break down in aerated static pile composting facilities and end up back in the supply chain as rich fertilizer that will form healthy topsoil for our primary industries such as agriculture.

Please feel free to reach out ask as many questions as you like, after all this is a new thing so ask away. 

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