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      Di Stefano Specialty Coffee Beans - 1kg

      Di Stefano Specialty Coffee Beans - 1kg

        Profile Our 1735 Fair Trade Coffee Beans 1kg is a medium roast coffee blend from the growing regions of Peru, Honduras and Nicaragua. It has been curated to produce complex tasting notes of toffee, pomegranate and lime. To discover these...


        Profile Our 109 Specialty Coffee Beans 1kg are medium roast coffee beans that provides the perfect fusion of bold cherry and sweet lemon with caramel undertones. Our Specialty Coffee blend provides a refreshing yet understated coffee experience due to its...


        Profile Perhaps the strongest blend in our extensive range, our 1820 Dark Roast Coffee Beans 1kg is a blend from five of the most prominent growing regions across the globe: Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, India and Indonesia. Experience energetic and...


      Profile Smooth, rich and refined. These Water Processed Decaf Coffee Beans are medium roasted, to produce a rich flavour that is perfectly suited for all coffee types. This is a single origin bean from Colombia, full of tropical notes. It's...