How To Use A French Press

How To Use A French Press

Elevate your coffee experience with a French press coffee maker. A French press can produce a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee with excellent flavours and aromas that will brighten your day. If you're a coffee lover, these machines can significantly improve the quality of the cups you brew. 

At Di Stefano, we realise not everyone is familiar with how to use a French press, which is why we are here to provide the assistance you need. If you’ve never used a French press coffee maker before, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s easier than you may think.

What Is French Press Coffee? 

A French press is a manual coffee maker that filters down the coffee using a cylindrical carafe, a plunger, and an internal filter. By brewing, pressing, and filtering all at once, it enables you to brew ground coffee in just a few minutes, leaving you with a strong, rich, and magnificent cup of coffee. 

In order to prevent coffee from continuing to "cook" and develop an unpleasant flavour, a French press doesn't keep coffee on a warming plate after brewing.

How Make French Press Coffee 

Check out these tips and a step-by-step tutorial to make a wonderful French press coffee. 

Step 1: Pour the grinds into the bottom of the French press

First, pour your coffee into your French press. We recommend grinding whole beans to a medium-coarse grind to achieve the best flavour. Try our Ethiopian Coffee Beans for a strong, powerful, and delightful cup of coffee. 

How much coffee is in your French press? 

  • Add 1/4 cup coffee beans and 2 cups water to make 2 servings. 
  • Add 1/2 cup coffee beans and 4 cups of water to make 4 servings.

Step 2: Fill your French press with hot water

We recommend boiling water first and allowing to cool so that any harsh elements in the water are minimised, such as calcium and magnesium. This practice should be followed in places such as South and Western Australia where water sources are considered ‘hard’.

In NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania the water source is considered soft, so the boiling and cooling process is not advised but optional. 93ºC is the ideal water temperature for a French press. Here are some tips on how to get stronger coffee:

  • Use water and the same amount of ground coffee should be used.
  • Add more ground coffee while keeping the water amount the same.
  • Give your French press coffee more than five minutes to brew.

Step 3: Stir and cover 

After evenly soaking the grounds with hot water, swirl the mixture to ensure that every particle has been covered. Stirring will ensure that all of the grounds are submerged in the liquid and will help in the extraction of the flavourful compounds. 

Step 4: Allow the coffee to brew 

Press the plunger and steep for 3 to 4 minutes. Steep for up to 10 minutes for a stronger brew. 

Step 5: Plunge the coffee and enjoy! 

Press the plunger down slowly, serve immediately, and enjoy your rich, delicious coffee. 

Benefits of a French Press Coffee Maker 

  • With a French press, you have a little more control over the water temperature and the length of time the coffee brews.
  • Unfiltered coffee provides a more intense flavour. 
  • A French press uses fewer grounds to save your money in the long run. 
  • It benefits the environment because it doesn’t require a bleached coffee filter. 

Why French Press Coffee is Better

French press coffee has a better flavour and strength because it has been soaked in coffee grounds. Since unfiltered French press coffee contains more minerals and antioxidants than filtered coffee, it is also healthier.

Are you ready to make the best-tasting cup of coffee using a French press? Check out our collection of specialty coffee beans that are roasted fresh weekly to provide optimal flavour and depth.