long black coffee

What Is A Long Black Coffee?

If you or someone you know has ever ordered a long black coffee at your neighbourhood café, you might have noticed that it looks extremely similar to an americano.

However, once you've tasted a long black coffee, you'll discover there are many distinctions between this unique beverage and an americano. Although they are both made with espresso and water, their preparation couldn’t be more opposite. 

Let’s take a look at what a long black coffee is, how to make a long black coffee, and what makes it so special. 

What Is a Long Black?

Like the majority of espresso drinks, the long black has Italian roots. Italians historically produced espressos and cappuccinos, but when Americans started visiting Italy and requested a large cup of black coffee, the Italian baristas were left extremely confused. 

In order to please American tourists, they finally switched from espressos to a large cup of black coffee, which is how the long black originated. 

The long black has gained popularity in Australia and New Zealand and is beginning to spread throughout the rest of the world.

How to Make A Long Black

As stated earlier, water and espresso are the only two basic elements needed to make a long black. Its brewing method, rather than the ingredients used, is what makes a long black unique. 

To make a long black, two shots of espresso are brewed and poured over hot water. By adding espresso to the water, the beverage is made sweeter while still maintaining its robustness.

On a long black coffee, the crema, which is a thin layer of light brown or tan foam that forms at the end of each espresso shot extraction, is visible.

When it comes to short black v long black coffee, a short black coffee is made with just one espresso shot and no additional water. 

Long Black v Americano: The Difference

The major distinction between an americano and a long black coffee is the method used to combine hot water and espresso. With an americano, hot water is poured over espresso while a long black is made the exact opposite way. 

Plus, a long black has a larger crema layer than an americano. A long black also uses less water than an americano, resulting in a more robust and rich cup of coffee. 

How Much Coffee Grounds To Use In A Long Black?

The quality and amount of caffeine in your beverage will depend on the beans you choose. Arabica coffee beans are the most popular, but you can also try other varieties. A typical shot is 30 ml in volume, and the caffeine in a long black is typically 60 to 80 ml. The amount of espresso in your beverage shouldn't be greater than the amount of water. Di Stefano carries the best varieties of Arabica coffee beans that make a fragrant, flavourful brew that is perfect for a long black coffee. Our Ethiopian Coffee Beans are the ideal choice if you're seeking premium, stronger-flavoured long black coffee. Or try our Speciality Blend of Arabica and Robusta varieties for a refreshing yet understated coffee experience.

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