How To Use An AeroPress

How To Use An AeroPress

Given the variety of brewing methods available, it can be challenging to select just one. There’s the V60 Pour Over, French Press, and of course, the popular AeroPress. 

At Di Stefano, it is our goal to help you understand how the AeroPress coffee maker works so you can decide if it is a good option for you. 

The AeroPress is a brewing technique that shouldn't be overlooked or underestimated. Keep reading to find out why. 

How Does An AeroPress Coffee Maker Work? 

AeroPress coffee makers are convenient and very easy to use. They have gained widespread popularity due to their full immersion method, size, durability, and high-quality brewing results. 

Designed by Alan Adler, the hot water in the AeroPress pumps coffee into a cup through a thin paper filter. Coffee grounds are quickly filtered to produce a delightful flavour that resembles real espresso. 

Thanks to the AeroPress paper filters that prevent oil and debris from entering the cup, AeroPress coffee has a clean taste with distinct aroma and flavour characteristics. 

Our founder Giuseppe Di Stefano coined the term ‘wet dust’ more than 20 years ago. The result of over-extraction from espresso machines. The portafilter on an espresso machine format is not fine enough to prevent the fine particulates from being extracted with pour. An Aeropress overcomes the wet dust scenario by utilising a very fine paper filter to prevent any harsh undesirable elements from passing through the extraction process and on to the drinker’s palate.

How To Use An AeroPress (Step-By-Step)

Using an AeroPress to make coffee is quite easy and simple. Follow these AeroPress instructions to brew rich, delicious coffee wherever you are in just minutes. 

  • Step 1: Push the plunger out of the chamber.
  • Step 2: Insert the AeroPress coffee filter into the filter cap. 
  • Step 3: Twist the filter cap onto the chamber.
  • Step 4: With the filter pointing down, place the brewing chamber on top of your coffee mug. 
  • Step 5: Put freshly ground coffee into the chamber. Make sure you adequately grind the beans to ensure proper flavour extraction.
  • Step 6: Shake to level coffee. 
  • Step 7: Add water up the number 1 on the chamber. We recommend keeping the temperature between 165 and 175 degrees for hot brewing and room temperature water for cold brew. 
  • Step 8: Stir approximately 10 seconds for hot brewing and 1 minute for cold brew. 
  • Step 9: Insert the plunger into the chamber and use the appropriate pressure to gently press it downward. Make sure you press long enough for the plunger to begin compacting the bottom grounds.
  • Step 10: Remove the AeroPress coffee filter cap, push the plunger to eject the used coffee, and rinse the seal. 
  • Step 11: Take the whole immersion brewing unit out of your mug and dilute the coffee with the hot water that is still in the container if desired. Now, enjoy your tasty coffee!

For an Espresso style, drink as is. For an Americano, add water to make an 8 oz. coffee. For a Latte, add milk to create an 8 oz. latte. Add ice water or room temperature water to make an 8 oz. cold brew coffee.

AeroPress Coffee Tips 

1. Water Drip

It’s normal for a small amount of water to drop through the AeroPress coffee maker before pressing. If there is a lot of liquid running through, you may need to use finer coffee grounds. 

2. Press 

Press down gently until you feel the air pressure pushing back. If you press too hard, it will block the flow. 

3. Grind variations 

We recommend using a fine drip or espresso grind in your AeroPress coffee maker. Espresso grind takes a little longer but produces a richer, more robust brew. 

4. Cleaning 

Eject the coffee ground right after brewing. Wipe or brush the seal with running water. If the AeroPress coffee chamber gets sticky, clean it with vinegar. 

Why You Should Choose An AeroPress

1. Versatility 

The AeroPress coffee maker has a significant advantage thanks to its adaptability. Hundreds of recipes have been developed by altering elements like grind size and brew duration, producing a broad variety of distinctive cups. 

2. Coffee Is Clean & Flavourful 

The AeroPress coffee maker provides a wonderful balance of body, transparency, and clarity. It enhances the body instead of creating an undefined flavour. 

3. Durability 

The AeroPress coffee maker is easy to travel with and makes the perfect amount of coffee. It allows you to really appreciate every drop. 

4. Customisable 

With your AeroPress coffee maker, you can easily prepare hot coffee, cold brew, lattes, and so much more!

5. No Clean Up 

Since it's so simple to transport and clean, it's perfect for both a fast cup of coffee at home and the office.

The Final Word

Due to their low cost and portability, the AeroPress coffee makers are one of the greatest coffee-making machines! 

But keep in mind that a consistent and fresh grind is the foundation of superb coffee. Shop Di Stefano's selection of specialty coffee beans for the best-tasting coffee beans!