How To Make An Espresso Martini

How To Make An Espresso Martini

The Espresso Martini made its debut in the 1980s, and ever since then, it has been astonishing coffee lovers with its boozy powers. It's often enjoyed as a pick-me-up pre or after dinner cocktail, making it the perfect drink to jumpstart the evening. This is not to say that an Espresso Martini can't be enjoyed as an all-in-one brunch cocktail. But what is an espresso martini exactly?

This cocktail is a mix of vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso. It is rich, creamy, and flavourful – the perfect combination. Who knew espresso and vodka went so well together? So the next time you’re looking for an elegant cocktai l that provides an extra energy boost, an Espresso Martini is the choice for you.   

Who Invented The Espresso Martini? 

Dick Bradsell, a British bartender, created the now-iconic beverage at Fred's Club in London. He is credited by many with changing the cocktail scene in London. 

According to legend, Bradsell invented the drink in response to a young model's request for a beverage that would "wake me up and f**k me up." Then Bradsell had the brilliant idea to shake up vodka with espresso and coffee liquor to create a frothy concoction.

This cocktail is garnished with 3 coffee beans, which are thought to stand for happiness, wealth, and good health. Legend has it that you should never use an even number of beans as the garnish as it is considered bad luck! Thanks to this distinctive trademark, the Espresso Martini is truly picture-perfect. 

Espresso martinis are gaining popularity all over the world, but they are especially favoured in Australia, where craft coffee culture is at its peak.

Does Espresso Martini's Have Coffee?

There is actual coffee in an espresso martini, not just coffee liqueur. 

When making a classic Espresso Martini, you’ll want to use freshly brewed espresso. However, since you don't want the ice in your cocktail shaker to melt, you should chill the espresso in advance.

If you don't have time to wait for your espresso to cool or you don't have an espresso maker, you can use cold brew concentrate, which has a taste and texture that is nearly identical to freshly brewed espresso.

How To Make An Espresso Martini 

Follow this incredibly easy Espresso Martini recipe to make this delectable cocktail in your own home:

1. Collate Ingredients

50ml Vodka, 25ml Coffee liqueur, 25ml Fresh Espresso, Sugar syrup to sweeten to taste and three coffee beans to garnish

2. Combine & Shake

In a shaker with ice, combine the ingredients, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds

3. Strain & Enjoy

Strain into a Martini glass and top it off with the coffee beans.

Too much vodka can ruin the flavour. The right proportion of vodka and coffee will enhance the flavour of the coffee and allow for a denser, richer texture. The coffee liquor is added to the cocktail to enhance the coffee taste and reach the perfect balance of alcohol, coffee, and sugar.

Is Kahlua Needed In Espresso Martini's?

Kahlua is the most common coffee liqueur used in Espresso Martini's. People frequently confuse Kahlua and Baileys. The difference between Bailey's and Kahluais that Baileys Irish Cream is a light brown cream colour, tastes like sweet rum-flavoured cream, and is made with Irish Whiskey and cream.  Kahlua, on the other hand, has a dark brown colour similar to coffee and has the ideal bold, coffee-forward flavour needed for a great Espresso Martini.

The Final Word

A worldwide favourite, espresso martini's are in the approved category here at Di Stefano. The better the coffee, the better the espresso martini - don't forget it!

Shop our range of single origin coffee beans and nespresso coffee pods to use in your espresso martini's! And remember, drink responsibly.