What Is A Piccolo Coffee?

What Is A Piccolo Coffee?

Piccolo coffee is an extremely popular drink among Australians, and for good reason. Piccolo, which translates to "little" in Italian, indicates that this beverage is a small coffee. While this is true, a piccolo coffee is far more complicated than that.

If you’ve been wondering what a piccolo coffee is or want to learn how to make a piccolo coffee at home, you’ve come to the right place! Here is all the information you need to know about a piccolo coffee that will leave you longing for one. 

What is Piccolo Coffee? 

Some coffee lovers think a piccolo coffee is a small coffee composed of a single espresso shot and heated milk. Others who enjoy coffee claim that a ristretto shot must be used while brewing a piccolo.

In Australia, we think that piccolo coffees should be prepared with a ristretto shot and steamed milk. A ristretto shot is merely the first portion of an espresso shot, resulting in a potent and highly concentrated shot. By using less water, a ristrettos’ taste is richer, stronger, and slightly sweeter than a normal espresso shot. 

Piccolo Latte 

So what is a piccolo latte? You might be surprised to learn that a piccolo latte and a piccolo coffee are the exact same thing! Piccolo coffee is simply short for piccolo latte coffee.  

Piccolo Latte v Latte 

Despite the fact that the piccolo may contain the term "latte," it is not the same as a standard latte. Regular lattes are much bigger and don't contain ristretto shots. While both drinks have steamed milk, a piccolo coffee is stronger and more flavourful than a typical latte. 

Piccolo Latte v Flat White

The flat white has quickly become a favourite in coffee shops worldwide. In contrast to the piccolos single shot, flat whites typically have a double shot. 

A flat white and a piccolo coffee both contain about the same amount of steamed milk, but the flat white has a significantly stronger espresso flavour and a thin layer of microfoam on top.

What Are The Best Coffee Beans for Piccolo Latte?

If you're expanding your coffee making skills at home or at work, highly flavoursome, strong coffee beans is what you'll need to maximise flavour. 

Single Origin Coffee is often a preferred choice in this scenario, but Arabica and Robusta blends can work well, too.

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How to Make a Piccolo Coffee 

Here are some items you need to help make a perfect piccolo coffee: 

  • An espresso machine. 
  • Coffee ground for espresso.
  • Your choice of milk. 
  • A milk steamer. 

Step 1: Brew a ristretto shot (about 15g)

Use a fine grind to pull a ristretto shot rather than a coarse grind. Extract the ristretto shot into a demitasse glass.

Step 2: Steam and pour milk 

As if making a latte, steam 80ml of milk. Pour the milk directly into the demitasse glass once it has been stirred around in the milk pitcher, creating a nice microfoam finish.

Step 3: Mix ingredients

Ensure that the milk and ristretto shot are thoroughly blended.

Step 4: Enjoy! 

Fill the rest of the glass with more steamed milk, if desired. And that’s it – your piccolo coffee is ready to be sipped! 

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