Nicaraguan Santa Rita Estate Single Origin

Nicaraguan Santa Rita Estate Single Origin

Are you looking for delicious, high-quality coffee with unique flavours? Do you want a specific region to be reflected in the flavour of your coffee? If so, single-origin coffee beans are your best bet! We’re proud to announce our new single origin, Nicaraguan Santa Rita Estate, is available for your tasting pleasure.

Where is Santa Rita Estate?

The Santa Rita Estate is a family estate located in the hills of Jinotega in Nicaragua. At an altitude of 1100 metres above sea level, the farm is surrounded by hills covered in stunning Caturra coffee trees.

The abandoned property was renovated in 1998 by Dania Baltodano and Desiree Pereira – two businesswomen and fourth-generation coffee farmers. They developed the land into a sustainable coffee estate with 152 hectares of coffee plants, 54 hectares of preserved forest, and a wet mill facility.

In addition to being a great coffee estate, the Santa Rita Estate is dedicated to the sustainability of excellent coffee production.

Profile of Coffee Beans

Nicaraguan coffee is frequently disregarded, but the quality is outstanding and production is expanding quickly. These single-origin coffee beans deliver a fresh acidity with cocoa and stone fruit undertones. 

A cup of coffee brewed with single-origin beans from the Santa Rita Estate will have a well-balanced flavour and notes of chocolate, honey, apricot, and roasted almonds. Enjoy it as an espresso on its own or add milk to make the perfect latte.

Coffee Production

Coffee farmers hand-pick ripe cherries and transport them to a special wet mill to be pulped and washed. While the coffee is sun-dried to a moisture content of 10-12%, waste is treated in oxidation lagoons – which takes about one week. After resting in parchment, the coffee is hulled and packaged for export.

Growing Climate

The Santa Rita Estate has a tropical wet and dry climate, also known as a savanna climate, with an average yearly temperature of 22.29ºC (72.12ºF). Given that the best temperature range for growing coffee is between 64ºF and 73ºF, the Santa Rita Estate has the growing conditions that coffee needs to thrive. 

Every year, Jinotega experiences 205.18 rainy days (56.21% of the time), and it typically receives about 226.2 millimetres (8.91 inches) of precipitation. The Santa Rita Estate has year-round exposure to both sunlight and precipitation, making it the ideal location for growing extraordinary coffee. 

Are you ready to taste this region's fantastic coffee and enhance your coffee-drinking experience? Shop Di Stefano’s Single Origin coffee beans from the Santa Rita Estate in Nicaragua today!