4 Ways to Use Drinking Chocolate Powder

4 Ways to Use Drinking Chocolate Powder

If you love chocolate and struggle to find new ways to get creative in the kitchen, drinking chocolate powder can be just what you have been waiting for. 

Drinking chocolate powder is far more useful than just a simple hot chocolate. Use it to make your favourite chocolate drinks and desserts or to entertain your guests over the holidays. 

Now, here at Di Stefano, we are coffee experts first and foremost. But, we do like to dabble in other areas of food and beverage making. So with that in mind, we have recommended four easy ways  drinking chocolate powder can be used to create a delicious, chocolatey treat along with the traditional coffee inspired beverage!

1. In Coffee

If you crave coffee and chocolate, mocha is the drink for you. The combination of coffees distinctive aromatic and taste characteristics mixed with sweet chocolate makes it a drink almost everyone will enjoy. Ratios of coffee and chocolate are critical here of course, as are most coffee drinks. As coffee experts, this is our preferred way to use chocolate powder and we are unapologetic about that!

So for those looking for alternative uses, stir 2 teaspoons of chocolate drinking powder into a cup of coffee, cappuccino, or espresso for a more flavour filled, chocolate taste. You can even add milk and sugar to make an ideal cup of mocha.

2. Making Hot Chocolate Raw Balls

Hot chocolate raw balls are the perfect snack, and you can even add your choice of nuts for a (gluten-free) insanely decadent bite. Place oats and your favourite nuts in a food processor and add drinking chocolate powder, cinnamon and salt. Then, add a touch of milk (or your preferred milk substitute) to form a doughy hot chocolate ball. You can even roll each bite into chocolate powder for even more chocolatey goodness. 

However, this isn’t the only recommendation for a chocolate inspired Raw Ball we have. Add in an espresso shot to your raw ball batter to make a mocha flavoured treat instead. This way you get the added touch and depth of flavour that coffee brings. Perfect for your morning routine or even with a morning coffee!

3. Cake

Chocolate cakes are everyones favourite, right? When they are made to perfection, moist beyond comprehension, and flavoursome like you imagined, they are simply one of the best treats going. Of course, drinking chocolate powder can be incorporated into the cake batter adding more dimensions of delicious goodness. It is a great dessert for the holidays, winter months or to simply satisfy your sweet tooth.

However, let’s not forget about the chocolate cake's favourite cousin, the mocha cake! Another great option for those looking to creatively use some chocolate powder and incorporate delicious coffee flavours too. Pick out some high quality espresso beans, like our Signature Blend, grind them up to perfection and away you go. There is no cake, treat or event in life that coffee won’t fix! For a switchup in things, try out our Chai Spice mix to add to the flavor!

4. As a Gift/In a Hamper

Not only is drinking chocolate powder the perfect staple for your pantry, but it makes for the ultimate gift for a loved one. Who doesn’t love a delightful and heavenly chocolate goody?  

Add it to your hot chocolate hamper filled with other chocolate delicacies and treats. Give it to someone special so they can indulge in the pleasures of chocolate anytime they want. 

Looking For a Unique, Rich Drinking Chocolate Powder

Di Stefano carries gluten-free drinking chocolate that utilises the highest quality ingredients for the best flavour. Enjoy a yummy cup of hot chocolate, add it to your favourite coffee or make one of these delicious snacks. 

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