Exploring The Difference: Iced Coffee vs Iced Latte?

Exploring The Difference: Iced Coffee vs Iced Latte?

If you're a coffee lover, you've definitely overheard customers ordering iced coffees and iced lattes from your local coffee shop.

While they both look smooth, tasty and refreshing, you might be surprised to learn that they actually have some major differences.

They are both incredibly popular drinks, so it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. So what’s the real difference? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about iced coffee vs iced latte! 

What is an Iced Latte?

Iced lattes are cold coffee beverages that are made with ice, a shot of espresso, cold milk, and an optional sweetener. 

An iced latte contains 1/4 strong espresso coffee and 3/4 milk of your choosing, giving it a balanced and mellow flavour. Iced lattes are a delightful and refreshing coffee beverage with a powerful coffee taste.

What Is an Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee is simply brewed or regular coffee that has been iced. You can either drink it straight up, over ice, which is often known as "black," or you can add milk or a sweetener to it.

An iced coffee consists of 90% cooled, brewed coffee and only 10% of your milk of choice to provide a sweeter flavour.

However, "iced coffee" is a term used frequently in Australia to describe brewed coffee that has been served over ice and is then topped with milk, cream, and ice cream. If you order an iced coffee in an Australian cafe, this is probably what you will get.

Latte vs Iced Coffee 

The main difference between a latte and an iced coffee is that iced lattes use espresso and iced coffees use brewed coffee. 

An iced latte uses strong espresso shots and a greater amount of milk to give it a smooth texture, whereas iced coffee uses cooled brewed coffee and is typically served with just a small amount of milk to give it a more liquid texture. 

Since iced lattes have much more milk added, iced coffees will leave you with a stronger-tasting coffee drink that can be acidic, bitter, or slightly sweet. 

So are iced lattes sweet? Well, it all depends on the ratio of coffee to milk you like to use. The more milk you use, the sweeter it will be. If the acidity and intensity of coffee upset your stomach, an iced latte is the better choice for you.

Brewing Methods

When it comes to iced coffee vs iced latte, one main difference is their brewing method. 

Several brewing techniques, such as a Pour-over, French press, Keurig, or even a Chemex, can be used to make iced coffees. To create iced coffee, all you have to do is brew coffee, let it cool, then add ice and a splash of milk! 

Since an iced latte is an espresso drink, it is brewed using an espresso machine. Make your own iced latte at home by brewing an espresso shot and adding it to a cocktail shaker with cold milk, ice, and syrup if desired. Shake the mixture well before pouring it into a glass, and voila!


Iced lattes are commonly ordered with flavoured syrups, such as vanilla, hazelnut, and chocolate!

Iced coffee pairs well with cream and ice cream. In addition, you can add your choice of milk or a variety of spices, such as cinnamon or pumpkin. 

There are many options to try with both iced lattes and iced coffees, so don't be hesitant to explore them all!

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