4 Coffee Alternatives For At Home Or In Cafes

4 Coffee Alternatives For At Home Or In Cafes

Whether it comes from a lovely cafe, a premium hospitality venue or an at-home coffee machine, there can be nothing better than your morning cup of coffee. But, coffee isn’t the only cafe beverage and drink out there that can wake people up in the morning, or help them relax in the afternoon and evenings. 

Sometimes there is nothing quite like a milkshake on a hot, sunny day or a leafy herbal tea to end a winter’s night. So, with that in mind we have compiled four healthy coffee alternatives that you can enjoy morning, noon or night.

1. Drinking Chocolate Powder 

What’s better than a rich, delicious cup of hot cocoa to warm you up in the mornings or cheer you up throughout the day? Not only does drinking chocolate powder satisfy your sweet tooth, but it is also a great pick-me-up that provides major health benefits. 

Cocoa powder is made by fermenting, drying, roasting and crushing cocoa beans after extracting cocoa butter and oils from the nib, and its abundant flavonoids have powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. All you have to do is place two or three teaspoons of drinking chocolate powder into a cup of hot milk or water for a tasty, energising treat. 

2. Matcha Latte Powder 

Matcha latte powder is a Japanese tea powder that is made by crushing up dried tea leaves and stone ground into a delicate powder

When most people think of matcha latte, they picture its distinctive, beautiful green colour. It contains caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine, which slows the release of caffeine in the body, creating a gradual rise in energy rather than an instant spike. Hot or iced matcha lattes are rich in antioxidants and help fight illness and ageing. Truly delicious! 

3. Turmeric Latte Mix 

Often referred to as “golden milk”, turmeric latte's have become an increasingly popular alternative to coffee. The combination of nut milk and juiced turmeric root creates a unique, spectacular and beneficial drink. 

Turmeric is known for its yellow colour that can easily stain your clothes or fingers. It can lighten skin and is believed to help prevent many types of illnesses or ailments. Just add turmeric latte mix to your preferred hot milk and pair it with a sprinkling of ginger or nutmeg for a pleasant surprise. 

4. Chai Latte Powder

Made with a mixture of black tea, chai spices, and cinnamon, chai latte powder delivers an aromatic experience and is a perfect substitute for coffee. Even though chai latte mix contains less caffeine than coffee, it still improves focus and contains strong antioxidants. To make a chai latte homemade, place four teaspoons of chai latte powder in a 180ml cup, add hot milk, stir, and top with nutmeg or cinnamon. A tantalising and aromatic experience not to be missed.

Di Stefano offers delightful drinking chocolate powder, along with matcha chai tea, chai latte powder and turmeric latte mix to create the perfect beverage. If you still wish to enjoy the latte experience but want to stay healthy, shop our coffee alternatives today