Singapore: How To Make Singapore Coffee

Singapore: How To Make Singapore Coffee

In the bustling metropolis of Singapore, amidst its modern skyscrapers and iconic landmarks, thrives a rich coffee culture. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, locally known as Kopi, wafts through the streets, inviting locals and tourists alike to take a moment and indulge. This isn't just a beverage; it's a tapestry of Singapore's history and culture in a cup.

What is Singapore Coffee?

At the intersection of diverse cultures and traditions, Singapore coffee offers a unique taste that sets it apart. For many Singaporeans, a cup of Kopi isn't merely a morning ritual; it's a cherished emblem of heritage, echoing both the city's colonial legacy and its deep-seated Southeast Asian origins. While Singapore might not be the first place that springs to mind when one thinks of premium coffee, a single sip is all it takes to ignite a lasting craving.

What You’ll Need to Make Singapore Coffee


  • Coffee Beans: Traditionally, robusta beans are used, often roasted with sugar and margarine. 
  • Condensed or Evaporated Milk: This adds a creamy richness and sweetness.
  • Sugar: Usually added for additional sweetness, tailored to individual preferences.

Tools and Equipment

The signature taste of Kopi can be attributed to its brewing method, and a coffee sock filter is essential if you want to get it just right. This fabric filter, paired with a coffee pot or jug, is responsible for producing that quintessential Kopi texture that makes it the best coffee Singapore has to offer. If you don't have a traditional sock filter on hand, a fine mesh strainer or French press can be used, although the flavour might vary slightly.

How To Make Traditional Kopi: Step-by-Step

  1. Choosing Your Beans: For authentic Singaporean kopi, robusta beans are the traditional choice. These typical Singapore coffee beans offer a strong, more robust flavour that's signature to the kopi experience. When purchasing, look for beans that have been roasted to a deep brown shade.
  2. Grinding: Once you have your roasted beans, grind them to a medium-fine consistency. The right grind is essential, as it ensures the perfect extraction of flavours when brewing.
  3. Preparing the Coffee Sock: This traditional tool is essential for authentic kopi. Before use, ensure the coffee sock is clean and slightly damp. Drape it over your chosen pot, jug, or even directly over your cup, ensuring it sits snugly.
  4. Brewing: Spoon the freshly ground coffee into the sock. Pour boiling water over the grounds, ensuring every bit is saturated. Allow the water to filter through at its own pace, letting the coffee steep. For a potent brew reminiscent of Singaporean streets, let it steep a little longer than usual.
  5. Sweetening and Adding Milk: Now comes the personal touch. To achieve the classic kopi taste, add condensed milk for that thick sweetness. If you prefer a lighter touch, opt for evaporated milk. Traditionally, kopi is a strong brew balanced with a hearty dose of sweetness, so don't shy away from adding sugar as per your preference. Stir well, ensuring everything blends seamlessly.

Variations of Singapore Coffee

Kopi Tarik: Singapore's Frothy Delight

Kopi Tarik, a variant of traditional Kopi, takes its name from the Malay word tarik, meaning 'pull'. 

  1. Start by brewing a cup using the traditional Kopi method, but aim for a slightly more concentrated essence to accentuate the taste. 
  2. Once you've got that robust coffee ready, warm some milk. The real charm of Kopi Tarik is in the frothing: using either a modern frother or the age-old technique of 'pulling'—a rhythmic transfer of milk between two containers to aerate it into a creamy froth. 
  3. Once frothed to perfection, blend this velvety milk with the robust coffee. The end result is a harmonious marriage of strong coffee and creamy froth, reminiscent of a latte but distinctly Singaporean.

Cold Brews: Iced Coffee with a Singaporean Twist

  • Iced Kopi: This version starts with traditional Kopi, but the coffee is left to cool and then served generously over ice cubes.
  • Iced Kopi C: This refreshing brew pairs iced coffee with unsweetened evaporated milk, giving a creamier but not overly sweet palate.
  • Iced Kopi Gao: For those who desire a bolder kick, this is an intensified version of Iced Kopi — thicker and more potent, it's a favourite among coffee aficionados.

Other Variations

  • Kopi O: Essentially black coffee sweetened with sugar, this version omits the milk, letting the robust coffee flavours take center stage.
  • Kopi Siew Dai: A balance between strong coffee and sweetness, it's your regular Kopi but with a restrained touch of sugar, making it a tad less sweet.

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