Aluminium Coffee Pods FAQ

Q.Β  Why are aluminium coffee pods so popular?

A .Β  There are three main reasons for choosing an aluminium capsule:

  1. Β Aluminium capsules are lightweight and infinitely recyclable, meaning capsules can be recycled time and time again for not only remaking capsules but other aluminium products as well.
  1. Β Aluminium capsules protect the quality of the coffee and keeps coffee fresher for longer. This is achieved by protecting the coffee from oxygen, light and humidity.
  1. Β Aluminium capsules allow for the best possible capsule coffee experience thanks to their high barrier to oxygen level, a high internal volume of coffee per capsule and a perfect sealing quality.

Q.Β  Can I recycle aluminium coffee pods?

A.Β  At present, we do not have a recycling program available for our aluminium coffee pods. Stay tuned for upcoming programs that we hope to launch in the near future.Β 

Q.Β  Are the capsules home compostable?

A.Β  No. Aluminium coffee pods are not home compostable. Β 

Q.Β  Will the aluminium coffee pods biodegrade if I throw them in the garden?

A.Β  No. Aluminium capsules need to be recycled correctly so they can be reworked and used again for other products.Β 

Q.Β  Do the aluminium capsules work in my Nespresso machine?

A.Β  Yes they do, but not for the Vertuo range. For more information on Compatibility with particular types of machines, please see link below:Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  ΒΒ