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      Wholesale Coffee Specialists

      Our roots stem from the supply of wholesale coffee, it's where we came from and what we love and admire to this day. Hard working cafe owners are the backbone of our business and we love to provide the tools and framework for you to achieve your goals. We roast our coffee beans fresh on a weekly basis to give every opportunity for the operator to achieve the best quality cup of coffee.

      Di Stefano are first and foremost a specialty coffee roaster using state of the art roasting equipment to give you the most consistent coffee extraction and flavor, time and time again. We refuse to outsource any of the coffee cleaning, testing, roasting or packing process to enhance the quality in the so-called farm to table process. Our chief chemist Darren has decades of experience vigorously testing every batch of coffee from the green bean phase all the way to shelf life years later.

      Di Stefano Coffee are primed to provide a wholesale coffee solution in an economy that is changing faster than ever, lean on us to do the heavy lifting.


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      Certified Master Roasters

      Precision Roasting Facility

      Our state of the art roasting facility boasts some serious statistics. We have the ability to roast 1.2 tonnes of coffee per hour, if we roasted coffee 24 hours per day, 365 days per year that would amount to 10,512 tonnes per annum. Key benefits of our fully integrated roasting system;


      1. Margin of error is less than 1% for every roast guaranteeing you the same consistent cup of coffee all year round
      2. Fully integrated quality control procedures, metal detectors and custom computer monitoring software to ensure perfect temperatures and roasting cycles are achieved more than 99.9% of the time.
      3. HACCP certified for food manufacturing processes. Batch testing, cupping, roast colour spectrum testing are a few of the many testing methods we apply to provide the highest quality coffee in the Australian market

      Excellence in the Art of Coffee

      Cafe's are our Bread & Butter

      When it comes to providing the perfect solution for your business, we have you covered with our comprehensive packages. A three-part approach to give you all the tools you need to simplify day-to-day operations, achieve consistent growth and gain customer loyalty.


      1. Specialty Coffee - Our in-house blends speak for themselves. Please reach out to us so we can arrange a sampling at your business or alternatively you can tour our coffee roasting facility and sample our specialty coffee. We would love to show you around...
      2. Customer Service - We cover all your equipment servicing needs. If your machine happens to break down, require a service or you simply have a question about your equipment give us a call as we manage most equipment servicing in-house on the same day. Yes, this is all included in your price per kg.
      3. Equipment - High quality, reliable equipment is crucial for your business to achieve consistent sales growth by ensuring maximum uptime. We provide a large range of equipment from Wega, La Marzocoo, Anfim, Puqpress and many more. We do not charge for any equipment of point of sale allowing you to focus on what matters most

      Responsible. Ethical. Sustainable.

      The Path to Sustainability

      As the global crisis of plastic deepens, it is undeniable the effect of humanity on the environment. Entire islands made of plastic in the pacific ocean, early onset death from pollution in the millions per annum and the destruction of ecosystems from land clearing and global warming (however contentious it may seem). As manufacturers in a developed nation we must strive to adopt industry best practices in curbing the further harm to our planet. Di Stefano Coffee have committed to a gradual transition to the adoption of a sustainable business model. We do this by:


      1. Ethical and Responsible sourcing of raw materials. All inputs in the coffee process are now analysed thoroughly on their properties, such as; Fairtrade, Organic, Bio-Packaging
      2. Reduction of in-house electricity consumption achieved by; Installation of roof-top solar panels, LED lighting systems and analytics programs to efficiently spread our consumption to match solar output.