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      At Di Stefano, we have made a commitment to provide more sustainable packaging solutions with an emphasis on choice of how you wish to recycle coffee pods.

      Our 100% Plant Based capsules allows you to easily recycle your coffee pods.



      CERTIFICATION #AS 5810 ABAP 20114


      Q.  Are these compostable coffee pods biodegradable and home compostable?

      A.  Yes. Our Zero Impact compostable coffee pods are 100% home compostable, making disposal very easy and very environmentally friendly.

      Q.  Are the compostable coffee pods recyclable as well as compostable? 

      A.  No. These capsules are not recyclable, however they can be disposed of in your Green Recycling bin IF your local council accepts food scraps and compostable packaging. These council programs are known as FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics). You can contact your local council to find out if they have a FOGO system in place as more councils join the cause!

      Q.  What are the compostable coffee pods made from? 

      A.  Our capsules are made of natural material derived from 100% bio-sourced cellulose and vegetal oils, that comply with the AS 5810 Australian Standard for biodegradable plastics suitable for home composting. They do not contain any fossil-based materials (no materials derived from oil or gas).

      Q.  Is the coffee taste comprised in compostable coffee pods?

      A.  No. Our Zero Impact capsules ensure a perfect result in cup thanks to a barrier to oxygen level and never achieved before innovative compostable top lid. The top lid ensures perfect extraction, regular flow, great body and thick crema.

      Q.  What are the top and bottom lids made of? 

      A.  100% bio-sourced cellulose materials with a Bio-based rating of 4 stars certified for Home Composting.

      Q.  Will the compostable coffee pods biodegrade if I throw them in the garden?

      A.  Yes, however the capsules break down under specific conditions in the presence of micro-organisms so a home compost system is recommended.  

      Q.  How long do the coffee pods take to decompose? 

      A.  Our home compostable capsules have a disintegration period of 26 weeks in a garden compost heap at ambient temperatures (within 20 to 30 degrees). 

      Q.  Do these compostable coffee pods contain any plastic or aluminium?   

      A.  No. Our zero impact capsules have:

      • no GMO
      • no PLA
      • no Aluminium
      • no fossil plastic
      • no fossil resources to create the oxygen barrier